Withholding Nothing

This letter is to my enemy. Today I am serving you with your final notice.

No, I do not wish for you to return your keys. No, I do not wish for you to pack up your things, I am kicking you out!

Everything you’ve tarnished and everything you’ve robbed me of don’t worry about it, You can have it. I’ve been offered a brand new way of living.

No, I do not wish to hear what you can offer, no I do not wish to reminisce on the “good ole days” I prefer to strive to do be the friend and child God has called me to be.

Though you’ve been evicted, I know you’ll forever be crouching at my door plotting my demise and that’s okay I was warned in advance. To be honest I am up for the fight. Now that I think about it, you withheld nothing from me during your time here. You were inconsiderate, bossy, conning, deceiving and these are the least of them. And though I am sure you will continue to unleash your anger against me, I will return the fire.

All-in-all, times up.


All or Nothing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

If I were given a choice to gain the world, but gain nothing in the heavenly realm I’d rather have nothing in this world and  gain everything that is good and long lasting in the life to come.

The desire to want everything that is of the world is dangerous. Think of it as signing off on a contract. You are signing off on the terms of a contract not fully reading, comprehending and mediating on all that you may gain or lose under its terms. The world’s contract isn’t precise on what it’ll take to get all you’re demanding and how it’ll affect you in the long run. Though it may appear satisfying, you have a lot to lose when you’re reaching for the world. Here’s a look at it through a biblical prospective.

In Matthew 16:26&27 Jesus says: “What good would it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? For the Son of Man  is going to come in His Father’s glory with His angels, and then He will reward each person according to what they have done.” The good thing about signing a contract with Christ is that you know exactly what to expect. What you’ll gain under this contract is eternal life and things that your human heart and mind cannot fathom–unspeakable peace, safety and love. Now if you are to choose to gain all that is of the world you will reap destruction, sorrow, pain and fear at the time of the rewarding.

Understand I’m not stating that it’s wrong to like and/or enjoy things that are tangible and satisfying for the time being, but if you make it your life and depend upon those things you cannot take with you in the life to come, than there’s an issue. If you are following this path turn away from it and pray for guidance from the one who meets all needs and desires of the heart. Matthew 6:33 states, “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”

All-in-all, If I were given a choice to gain the world, but gain nothing in the heavenly realm I’d rather have nothing in this world, and gain everything that is good and long lasting in the life to come.

God Bless!

Happy New Year!!!

Today is a special day! So special that I don’t know anyone–besides myself–who celebrates new years three weeks before ringing in a new year. If there’s no one that comes to mind, consider me the first. Today I celebrate my 25th year of life and I plan on doing things differently.

Usually I’d make plans to go out and celebrate with my friends and boyfriend accompanied with a few drinks, or put a narcissist comment on social media, but for some reason I didn’t have an appetite for either one. Of course my age signified I’m a little too old for those celebratory behaviors, but I felt the need for change. I wanted something that I could carry with me for the years to come. Moments that would make my loved ones and I proud.

It took a few moments to figure out what exactly I was looking for, but I think I have it. Here’s what I came up with for my new year resolution:

Living a lifestyle focused on spiritual growth–invest my time into the Truth, inherit the attitude of giving rather receiving, and walking by faith and not by sight. Plus–most of the time–your outer being reflects what’s going on in the inside of you, so I know for sure I’ll feel and look physically healthier.

Invest in relationships worth saving–delete a few people from my phone and social media. No need to carry baggage PERIOD.

Speak Life–there’s life and death in your words. I’m speaking prosperity and strength over myself for every circumstance that is against me.

Go for my dreams— be less concerned about people not liking my work and being more focused on doing what I am destined do and that is inspiring as many people as possible.

I’m sure my resolutions will double in size before the actual new year, but it’s a start. When I decided to make my life less about old habits and decisions, a war broke out between the new me and the naysayers. My boxing match went a little something like this:

“Why would you set goals far beyond your reach? You’ve been without for so long, why would you want to invest in someone else’s well-being? Didn’t you plan to make a difference within your lifestyle before and failed?”

My response.

“Yes, I failed ample times, but it’s worth getting up and trying again.”

Startled? Not at all. That battle fused my desire to be bigger and better than the person I was the day before, to shoot higher than I’ve shot before, to start my change today because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

All-in-all, why would I plan to make a change tomorrow  when I can celebrate change today?

I wish myself a merry birthday and a prosperous new year!!