Withholding Nothing

This letter is to my enemy. Today I am serving you with your final notice.

No, I do not wish for you to return your keys. No, I do not wish for you to pack up your things, I am kicking you out!

Everything you’ve tarnished and everything you’ve robbed me of don’t worry about it, You can have it. I’ve been offered a brand new way of living.

No, I do not wish to hear what you can offer, no I do not wish to reminisce on the “good ole days” I prefer to strive to do be the friend and child God has called me to be.

Though you’ve been evicted, I know you’ll forever be crouching at my door plotting my demise and that’s okay I was warned in advance. To be honest I am up for the fight. Now that I think about it, you withheld nothing from me during your time here. You were inconsiderate, bossy, conning, deceiving and these are the least of them. And though I am sure you will continue to unleash your anger against me, I will return the fire.

All-in-all, times up.



  1. Powerful! Confident! Times up!


  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Wow!!!! Yes, God!!

    Liked by 1 person

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