Monthly Archives: September 2016

It’s Just a Test

I heard a voice say, “Hands up! This is a stick up.” I remember hyperventilating and thinking to myself this is it, this is the moment. This is my fate. “Well look at this, daddy’s little girl caught walking in the dark all alone. No form of protection?! Where is your armour little girl?” Chills […]

Why I Prefer to Wait to Date Part I

A year and three months ago I decided to bench myself from the dating scene to invest in someone in need of TLC (Time Love and Care), and that individual was me. When I concluded my on again off again relationship with my boyfriend of twelve years, and severed ties with my “no strings attached” […]

The Stands are Full

Maybe it’s me, but I feel the photo above fits what I’m about to say perfectly. As a believers of the faith, we know that our strength, faith, and focus are tested as we struggle and strive to fight the good fight. And though we know we are victorious through Christ Jesus we are still […]