The Stands are Full

Maybe it’s me, but I feel the photo above fits what I’m about to say perfectly. As a believers of the faith, we know that our strength, faith, and focus are tested as we struggle and strive to fight the good fight. And though we know we are victorious through Christ Jesus we are still aware that there is a battle that still needs to be fought. With little life in our spirits we muster up the little hope and energy we have only to find ourselves beaten beyond recognition and exhausted. We hear muffling voices in the stands, but it’s hard to determine whether or not we’re hallcinating or if the crowd has been rooting us on all along. Dazed and confused we automatically rule God as absent, deem ourselves defeated, and head for the sidelines.

But if we remind ourselves that there is a great cloud of witnesses rooting us on we’d lift our heads to the maker, and run the race with endurance. Be encouraged…heaven is cheering us on!!
–Hebrew 12:1 #wordstoliveby #encouragement


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