5 Tips Every Single Woman Should Know During the Wait

Ladies, does this sound familiar to you? “God how much longer? My husband should have been here by now. What are you waiting on?” First of all, I want to congratulate you on seeking God first during this period of waiting. But as we can see awaiting on God’s appointed time, being faithful in prayer,and making every effort to prepare for the married life can be tiresome and frustrating. 

It seems like everywhere you turn you find yourself singled out, desperate for answers, and hopeless because of the possibility of never being discovered by “the one”. But have you ever thought about how our attitude and perception in the process of waiting could make the journey harder than what it should be?

As you all may know over a year ago I ended my 12 year relationship with my off and on again high school sweetheart. From that day forward I decided to sit out of the dating game to take time out to heal, petition my love story before God, and grow into the woman I aspire to be. With a fresh outlook on living single, I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. 

Lesson #1 Be content with where and who you are in your season of singleness ! Yeah it sucks attending the singles ministry at church, having to watch a movie alone and/or being your own Valentine, but it isn’t so bad. This is the time to learn how to enjoy your own company, learn your core values, and evaluate who you are, and who you wish to be in the future. There’s no better time than this season ladies. 

Lesson #2 Draw closer to God and find His purpose for your life through prayer, and reading His word ! Call me a Bible thumper all you like, but it is the best book to take advice from. The apostle Paul states “An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs:  Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both the body and spirit” 1 Corinthians 7:34.

Dedicating time to explore God’s word even further will allow you to find that He speaks to other areas in your walk with Christ, such as spiritual character building (in other words Fruits of the Spirit which can be found in Galatians 5:22&23). In addition you’ll find tons of testimonials similar to your story, suggestions and/or advice pertaining to trust, faith, obedience, etc.

I am not by any means attesting that married women aren’t concerned about the Father’s business as that is determined by their personal walk, but taking advantage of this time to offer the undivided attention needed in order to learn God, and His plans for you should not be taken lightly. So light a candle, turn on your reprise praise and worship music, crack open your bible and learn more about your Father and who you are to and in Him!!

Last but not least, this is also the time to pray! Be specific when petitioning your wants to God. But also be open to what He sees best for you, if He desires for you to marry. Remember God’s will is the best will.

Lesson #3 Create goals centered around creating a better you! It is extremely important to evaluate your weekly, monthly, yearly goals. For me, I have invested in working out 3 to 5 times a week as I believe that my physical fitness says a lot about how I feel about my personal well-being. Every month I plan to pay off medical, student, retail, and banking debt I have accumulated over the years. Each year I plan to find ways to better myself, my ministries as a writer and public speaker and any other goals tacked on down the road.

Lesson #4 Don’t be a sour puss! “Woe is me. God it’s not fair. Are you deaf God? I’ve been faithful in the little. Where’s my enlarged territory? “. Can someone  please show MsPissy Pattie the exit?! NEXT!

Lesson #5 Learn to celebrate someone else’s breakthrough! That’s right celebrate that girlfriend  who’s now the jewel to her husband’s crown. Clap it up for the best friend who’s planning the wedding of her dreams. Toast to the woman who’s courting with her potential help mate.

I know, I know this seems so hard to do when time is against you, and when your prayers and deeds don’t go pass the ceiling fan. However, this doesn’t mean God is deaf to your requests. In the meantime this season should be used for self-evaluation, drawing closer to God, investing in yourself and celebrating the breakthroughs of others.

So change your attitude and freshen up our perception!

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XOXO As Told By Erin