Monthly Archives: November 2016

At the Father’s Feet

The imagery of a woman crawling to her Fathers feet appears the second I close my eyes. Not a word out of her mouth, but her spirit seeks for water and understanding. I clearly hear a confession that she’s never been good at coping with the idea of being short of His glory and has […]

Am I “Doin the Most” When it Comes to Setting Relationship Boundaries?

Last week I had a conversation with a friend about setting boundaries while dating. She mentioned that she was okay with making out as long as their intimacy did not exceed first base. When I told her kissing wasn’t an option for me she was surprised. “Oh my gosh, really?  Girl you’re better than me cause […]

Bible Verses, Music, and Practices that Can Help in Your Season of Adversity and Transition

For the past 8 months my faith walk, willingness to be obedient, and sincerity of surrendering to God’s will has been under intense pressure. Most of what I found comfort in– relationships, jobs, finances, and other treasured values–have been pulled from underneath me in the time I needed them the most. Why? All so that […]

A Day of Hope and Encouragment After Trump Takes the 2016 Election

I can’t remember falling asleep, but I remember waking up with my right hand over my heart (strange) and nausea in my stomach. Are the results in? I stared at my phone praying to God “please help us” as though I had already been informed of the outcome. At that time I checked my phone […]

Soul Ties Part 1: Recognition, Deliverance & New Beginnings

Recently I enrolled into Ashley Empowers’s Covenant Coaching program and I can already see the work God is doing in my life so that I may take hold of freedom. As you all may know about a year ago I severed ties from my off again on again boyfriend of 12 years to embark on […]