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Soul Ties Part 1: Recognition, Deliverance & New Beginnings

Recently I enrolled into Ashley Empowers’s Covenant Coaching program and I can already see the work God is doing in my life so that I may take hold of freedom. As you all may know about a year ago I severed ties from my off again on again boyfriend of 12 years to embark on a journey of mental, spiritual, and emotional healing. However, there has been no greater confirmation than that of the topic discussed today, Soul Ties, with Ashley Brown–Founder of Covenant Coaching and the host of YouTube series Dating with Purpose.

Throughout my relationship I remember asking God why do I continuously run to and fro from this relationship that is obviously tearing me to pieces. Why is it so difficult for me to cut this relationship off completely? Why am I answering his phone calls and text messages? Why is he constantly on my mind even though I’ve made up in my heart that it’s over? Why is it that when I hear a particular song or someone mentions his name that I fall to pieces? Why, why, why?!  Was it because of the number of years we spent together “working” towards a life of forever? Was it the thought of never being wanted by anyone else? Was it the thought of living life without him? Was it the opinions and views of family and friends that played a role? Was it my lack of confidence in being able to survive without him? All of these thoughts bombarded my mind, but I could never put a name to my behavior or habits until today.

Like me there are a lot of men and women who have no idea what soul ties are, how they are formed, and how to demolish them. With that said, here are a few things I’ve learned through the Covenant Coaching program and my personal experiences (which will be discussed in part 2).

Definitions and examples examined in the Covenant Coaching Program

What is a Soul Tie?

A soul tie is an emotional bond connecting two souls together through physical and emotional encounters.

What is a Soul?

A composition of our mind, will, and emotions.

How Do You know You have a Soul Tie? 

  • Comparing your current relationship to that of your previous ones
  • Your mind is tormented by the thought of him or her
  • Experiencing anger or sadness at the mention of their name or at the sight of them
  • Difficulty resisting the urge to reach out to them and/or answering their calls and text messages
  • Difficulty accepting that he or she has moved on

Why Don’t People Want to Break Soul Ties?

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Familiarity
  • False hope
  • Memories
  • Fear

7 Steps to Breaking Soul Ties 

  1. Wean yourself (Fast)
  2. Speak Life (Encourage yourself through positive thinking and God’s word)
  3. Spend time with God in prayer and worship
  4. Remove reminders (Gifts, text messages, photos, social media correspondence, etc)
  5. Prayer
  6. Take care of yourself (Clear and redeem your mind, body, and spirit)
  7. Have a vision (How do you wish to see yourself in the future)

Participating in this program has not only helped me answer a lot of the questions posed in the past, but it has also encouraged me to heal by confronting my childhood experiences that contributed to the choices I made in past relationships, and how I will approach future relationships.

Wait before you go help me out by:

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XOXO As Told By Erin


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