Monthly Archives: December 2016

4 New Year Resolutions That Will Make Reaching Your Goals A lot Easier!

Like many of you I had a difficult time producing fresh ideas for the New Year until I plugged in my jump drive, opened my 2016 vision board, and accounted for the hits and misses in achieving my goals. In doing this I noticed I accomplished much of what I’d hope to achieve–landing a job, […]

You’ve Lost Hope & Direction. Now What?

This was the question I struggled to answer five months ago when I decided that the job I accepted was no longer a fit for me. The decision to step down was a scary conclusion, but what was more frightening was being unable to foretell how I’d make the next steps. The five months I […]

For His Purposes Only: Waiting to Date Follow Up

It’s been two months since Why I Prefer to Wait to Date Part One and for good reasons. An intense desire to grasp a deeper understanding behind the wait I committed to overwhelmed me. I had acknowledged my past hurts and failures, but that wasn’t enough. I had forgiven and moved forward from those experiences, […]