You’ve Lost Hope & Direction. Now What?

This was the question I struggled to answer five months ago when I decided that the job I accepted was no longer a fit for me. The decision to step down was a scary conclusion, but what was more frightening was being unable to foretell how I’d make the next steps.

The five months I spent trying to figure out how to go about getting back into the work field irked me as every job I applied for either deemed me overly qualified, under qualified, or unfit for the team in spite of meeting the skills needed to fulfill the job responsibilities. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t land another job. I had exhausted all my options. I even applied for part time positions and jobs that I had little to no experience in.


Accepting the verdict that I’d have to wait for another opportunity to present itself was extremely difficult. Overwhelmed by anxiety I found myself stretched out across my living room floor with bags of chips and chocolate watching reruns of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. This was my life unfulfilled. I felt hopeless trying to cope with not knowing how to make that next move. Until an intense need to dig deep within God, scripture, prayer, and myself came upon me.Jeremiah291113.jpg

Everyday I found myself pacing from room to room asking God what to do in this time of isolation. God where in scripture can I hear your voice? Am I in alignment in your will? Am I embodying what your word encourages me to do? Receiving an answer did not come right away, but eventually it did. God spoke one word and the rest of His instructions followed behind.

The one word I least expected was the word purpose.  Purpose? We all have one, but what does this have to do with my concern regarding my next steps? It was in that moment I remembered my passion to inspire and to be inspired by the lives of others. God reminded me that the desires and talents He instilled in me began to waste away over the years as I lived to fulfill my own plans verses His plans for my life. He encouraged me to revisit my WordPress and start writing again. He also nudged me to pick up my camera and start filming again as well.

When I look back over these past five months I realize the space and opportunity God provided me to pursue what He imparted in me. Every door I knocked on that didn’t open redirected me to focus on my God who had a greater purpose in mind. Every moment wasted in wallowing in the spirit of discontentment and worry redirected me to my God who had a greater purpose in mind. God knew had I stayed at that job I wouldn’t be pressing into my purpose the way I am now. He also knew that if a job opportunity presented itself within those months I wouldn’t be pursuing my purpose the way I am today.

Although I haven’t completely given up on finding employment I am pressing into God’s strength and plans for my life, and it feels amazing.

Food for Thought.

My questions to you are:

  • Who and what is your power source? God’s way or your way?
  • What aspirations do you believe God has instilled in you, but you’ve found yourself abandoning His plan(s) for you?
  • Will you grow stagnant or will you dig within yourself and God to find the purpose He’s set in your life?



5 thoughts on “You’ve Lost Hope & Direction. Now What?

  1. It is amazing how God works. He will take the most heart-wrenching situation and make it for your good. It’s not until we stop fighting him and releasing our will to His will do we understand the magnificent plan for us. Keep leaning into Him and watch what he does. Nice post!

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  2. It is fascinating how God sometimes isolates us so that he can work on us. When we come to the realization that he is truly in control and has a great plan for our lives then we are free to use our gifts and talents for him. Great read.

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    1. Thank you Latoya! You probably won’t believe this, but your comment couldn’t have come at a better time. I asked God this morning to remind me again the purpose behind this season even though I wrote about it. He confirmed it through you. Thanks again and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Happy New Year by the way :-).

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