Filter On Through


high-grassLife can be sweet sometimes and at other times not so much (I guess we can call it the “sour patch affect”).

Life says what it wants, does what it wants when it wants, and it has no respect of persons.

It at times puts us in some uncomfortable, unpredictable, uncalled for situations that we never asked to be in in the first place.

It doesn’t provide us with a owners guide on how to deal with the cards it hands us and we are left to figure it out.

It dumps, and dumps, and dumps overloading our senses and clouding our judgement. At that point we are forced to take a closer look at what’s in front of us.

And in the midst of making the best with what life serves us, sometimes it’s hard to see the good in all things as it can be a needle in a haystack.

No life has no way of filtering itself, but we have the power to filter through the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in.

Find the good in it all.

Filter on through even when life makes it almost impossible to do.




Word Of Empowerment: The Time Is Now!


We are 16 days into the New Year and before we know it we’ll be halfway through the year. Sure, I may be ahead of myself by referencing how time flies, but we have so much to do and no time to waste.

Recognizing that time waits on no one we should all the more take fulfilling our visions, plans, dreams, goals –whatever comes to mind– for 2017 more seriously.

Too often you and I convince ourselves that there’s always tomorrow and we have all year to get started. We convince ourselves that we are incapable of achieving our hearts desires because the bar we’ve set seems impossible to reach. We become fretful, we become anxious and we become lazy. However, procrastination, doubt, fear, and excuses are not options! Time is too precious to waste it on things that will only hinder us from making headway.

What we want to see by the end of this year are check marks, slashes, scribbles, circles, stars, stickers, ribbons –whatever serves as an indication of completion lol– around every goal, dream, vision and plan we set to ACCOMPLISH THIS YEAR! We want to be able to pat ourselves on the back. We want to be able to celebrate!

So if we want to bring our aspirations to life we must put in the TIME AND EFFORT EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Let’s make this year count! WE GOT THIS!

Love your cheerleader and friend,