The 50,000 Men and Women who Changed my Mind at the Women’s Rights March-Austin, Texas

20170121_133008Today more than 50,000 men and women gathered to peacefully speak their concerns and beliefs about Women’s Rights, International Affairs, President Trump, Equality, Peace, Unity and anything else that may come to mind. Uneasy by the thought that this gathering could go south–and quickly–my time around these men and women forever changed my perception on unity, peace, and voicing our needs and wants.

As I turned on Red River and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, I could not believe the amount of men, women, and children who had come out to support the rights of women and to voice their opinion about the future of America. Left and right people were pouring into the streets and making their way to the state Capitol where they would break the Women’s Rights march record for the state of Texas.

Before taking one step out of the parking lot I had already reserved in my mind that this could be a complete disaster –I mean if something as light a feather made its way between the crowd and law enforcers…well you may be able to assume the rest– and the opportunity for the people to speak their hearts would be obliterated. However, everyone proceeded peacefully as planned.

As I and some thousand people stood at Lavaca and 9th street, my anxiety quickly faded away as everyone remained in good spirit. From the sounds of laughter, to amusing but appalling signs, and groovy music, I knew that they–and myself– were there for serious matters. But instead of lashing out and vandalizing everything insight everyone remained composed. I know, I know not every march, protest or rally turns for the worst, but prior gatherings–for the most part–have and I’ve embedded this idea in my mind that friction is guaranteed to rear its ugly head. However, I experienced something different.

Walking down the street the chanting, screaming, whistling, clapping, signing, and music begin to ring out. Though all the noise overwhelmed me a bit I couldn’t help, but notice how beautiful every instrument and persons of different backgrounds came together to state their beliefs, concerns, and rights.

Though I don’t know much about politics or anything within that arena I am happy that I was able to experience–for myself– that it is possible for us to come and stand together despite our differences (races, religion, social status, education, etc). Together we can voice our needs and wants for the betterment of our country and personal lives. And even though marches in the future may look different it won’t change my mind about what we can do together and that’s stand, work, and move forward.

Before you go check out the pictures below (NOTE: These photos are not by any means to offend or judge anyone. I am just sharing with you my experience. Thanks in advance!!) ::

20170121_133013 (2).jpg20170121_122432.jpg20170121_124137.jpg20170121_121656 (4).jpg20170121_115342.jpg20170121_115607 (2).jpg20170121_124430-220170121_12465420170121_11565420170121_12155220170121_13192720170121_120127


3 thoughts on “The 50,000 Men and Women who Changed my Mind at the Women’s Rights March-Austin, Texas

  1. This march of millions of men, women and children across the globe is a testament that we can band together to support each other respectfully. You don’t always have to agree with the opinions or choices of others, but it’s their right! I believe that something good can come from this if only we work together in love.

    Glad you were open-minded enough to allow the experience to change your perception of rallies, marches and what a peaceful protest can be.

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  2. Hi Erin,

    I think this wonderful for you to have been able to experience something to this magnitude. Misconceptions can lead to misunderstandings about people and what is they stand for and believe. As you might now, things get lost in the fray when we focus on what divides us as opposed to what Jesus calls us to do: love thy neighbor. As the previous commenter stated, we don’t have to agree with the opinions or choices of everyone, but we most certainly have to live as we’ve been told.

    I hope you’re able to increase your involvement in all matters related to basic human rights for the sake of loving those around you and broadening your perspective on the many different children of the Mosy High.

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    1. Hi conflicted Child of God, thank you so much for your comment. I’m quickly learning that I shouldn’t merely hear the Word, but to also be a doer of the word. I am making it my mission to get involved from this point forward to not only change my perspective, but others as well. Thanks for the positive reminder and encouragement. God bless! ♡♡♡


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