What’s Your 10 Empowering Affirmations?

Hello lovely people! I know it’s been awhile, BUT here I am and I’m here with a challenge that was presented to me.

I challenge you to create 10 empowering affirmations. Yes! Empowering, cloud 9, can’t come down messages about/to yourself!

Too often we fill ourselves with doubts and lies about who we aren’t and who we will never become. It’s time to cut that out.

Creating my list took me a few days, but after digging deep within myself, and really thinking about the facts regarding who I AM I feel like I hit the jackpot.

So join me on the path to self discovery by commenting down below your 10 empowering affirmations.

*Challenge credited to Ashley Empowers’s Mani-fest Your Godly Man Boot camp

If you guys haven’t heard of Ashley Brown, founder of Covenant Coaching and Dating with Purpose, check her out. Her ministry will give you LIFE, no lie.

Any who can’t wait to hear your 10 empowering affirmations.

Until then nighty night! ♡♡♡


2 thoughts on “What’s Your 10 Empowering Affirmations?

  1. Hi Erin! It took some time, but I came up with 10 affirmations. Here I go.

    1. I am a child of The Most High.
    2. I am worthy.
    3. I am an overcomer.
    4. I am loved.
    5. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    6. I am beautiful.
    7. There is nothing wrong with being my authentic self.
    8. It’s okay to say No.
    9. I am strong.
    10. I am blessed!

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    1. Yasss! Thanks for sharing. Now, I challenge you to repeat these 10 affirmations each day beginning with I am. Trust me I wouldn’t tell you to do something if I haven’t done it myself and if it didn’t work. I hope that in doing this it will help you to remain empowered and content with who you are. ♡♡♡♡. I can’t wait to see how repeating this process will transform your life!!!


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