The Move That Turned My World Right-side Up

Hello people! It’s been some time since I’ve shared anything with you all, but here I am with a testimony.

1 year ago–as of April 22nd–I packed up my belongings and drove over a thousand miles from Florida to Austin, Texas. I never knew that taking a leap of faith would remove me from every level of comfort.


When the Lord told me in May 2015, “MOVE! I am telling you to move. It’s time to go” I didn’t take His plan lightly, but I also didn’t know the fine print in His plan for me.

Shortly after relocating I quickly discovered God wouldn’t only remove me from my home, but from mental, emotional, and spiritual bondage. He would literally shatter every place I sought shelter that did not include Him. He would make it a point to teach me how to walk by faith verses talking about it. He would show me who’s my provider and who’s in control of my life.

Everything He performed from the time I hit the city limit of Austin has consisted of pruning and rewiring my faith and obedience. Since then I’ve been under construction. I have been through the lion’s den and I’ve been through the fiery furnace. It was–and at times–a very brutal, uncomfortable, and exhausting process.

3 months into my new job I stepped down from my  position (It’s a long story. Not sure if I want to relive that nightmare). I went 6 months without employment. I had no success in landing a job even though I had experience. I lost my apartment. My health started to decline. My confidence and my faith were bruised. I was a hot mess!

9 times out of 10 I cried more than I smiled. I complained a lot verses giving God praise. I avoided prayer, mediating, and church like the plague. I even got to thinking that I was better off back at home, in my lane, in my comfort zone verses traveling along the uncharted territory God had set before me.

But at the end of it all He had me at every angle no matter how battered and weary I had become.

When God said “He would never leave nor forsake me and to be encouraged and not dismayed” (Deuteronomy 31:6) He meant what He said and carried me through. He was faithful then and He stands faithful now.

Without this season of trials and tribulations I would have never learned to love God with my very being, walk by faith, and find joy in all things.

Looking back at everything now I don’t regret what’s taken place within a span of a year, but I am blessed to know that I have grown in ways that I’ve never imagined. Even better I am at peace knowing that I was–and still am–in the will of God.

With that said, cheers to this warrior and the mighty God I serve.


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