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31 Days of Transformation 

“When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired they’ll be nothing anyone can say or do to you to keep you where you are”, in the paraphrased words of my lovely mother. 

There’s been so much commotion going on in my life. It appears that after every mountain there’s another one over the horizon. Then, after hitting the peak of what appears to be my last climb here comes the valley. I honestly feel as though I can’t catch a break in this season of my freaking life. I’m more confused than clear on my purpose in life. I’m dealing with the consequences of past disobedience so my emotions are swinging from here to kingdom come. I’m not where I want to be career wise. My love life is non existent outside of my relationship with God (which is a good thing, but I’m human and have desires as well). Don’t get me wrong I try to find joy in all things, but man it’s hard for me to be consistent in making concrete and positive changes no matter what I’m experiencing or facing.

I’m the kind of woman who’s not too fond of confrontation and admitting that I’m horrible at altering my attitude and habits in the times of challenges/changes. And because of that I tend to gravitate to a lifestyle that is unhealthy and unstable. Here are a few examples to date. Food became my getaway and because of that I’ve racked on some pounds. Stress and depression causes me to lose motivation to do anything productive, so yeah I can be a bum. I’ve gone from being a organized and clean individual to “is this clean?” or “where the hell is my debit card?”. Speaking of my debit/credit card I’ve bounced back and forth from putting money into my savings account and paying off my credit card debt to spending it, so yeah I can be pretty irresponsible. Yep, I’m pretty much, to some degree, a HAM (Hot A** Mess). But I hate this merry-go-round that I’ve been on for years. I’m ready to face whatever it is standing in front of me and get cleaned up. 

Yes I’ve said this all before, but I’m in desperate need of making progress the healthiest and most effective way possible. So I will be embarking on a 31 day journey to turn my life around (horaay). What’s my solid plan? That’s a great question, but I’m sure it’ll come to me along the way and when it does you all will know as I will be posting updates here and there.

“Change is hard at first. Messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

– Robin Sharma

I’ve been told that change doesn’t happen over night and it could take time and that’s understandable. But I have high hopes for myself during these next few weeks. I am ready and set to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a healthier and more stable version of myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially (no matter if the weather is sunshine one day and winter the next). I’m ready for the transformation.

With that being said I’m ready to rumble.

Hugs and kisses !!

P.S. I am totally open to your recommendations on how to make positive changes stick for the long run so please feel free to share them. Thanks!


One thought on “31 Days of Transformation 

  1. I think the problem is that as people we often miss how much we’ve achieved and how much support we may have around us. What i do know is that if you do manage to save your money better and get to a weight you’re comfortable with etc. Then next time you face a problem you’ll be in a much healthier position to take it on. However, being that us humans are so fickle, you may not realise how well you’re doing and might just think to yourself well whatsnthe point if problems just keep coming up. Are they problems or are they challenges? Let’s be honest it’s getting through these challengesnthat reminds us we’re human, reminds us we are able to conquer our fears and our heart aches.
    I wish you well though and look forward to seeing you update us on your progress. ☺ Ned

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