Faith can make us uncomfortable, but it’s a necessity in order that we may mature…

Faith, it’s such a scary concept. Walking off into the unknown makes us cringe and uncomfortable. And though it’s not the most ideal avenue to take faith is the best thing that can ever happen to us. It requires us to trust in someone who’s wiser and mightier than us. It forces us to be bold and fearless, to take risks. It can take us places we’ve never imagine if we allow it to.

You all may have caught wind of my story in the past, but it’s my staple testimony and I believe someone out there needs it. A little over a year ago I took a leap of faith, packed my bags, and headed to Texas. As much as I saw the move as a flop after losing much of everything in a matter of a year, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. What, leaving home, quitting my job, losing my apartment, almost being depleted of my health, and finances was the best thing that happened to me?! Yes it was.

I have learned what it means to walk by faith and not by sight. Though I lost so much in the physical aspect I gained a ton of experience spiritually and strengthened my mental and emotional capacity. Here’s a recent example, last week I received job interviews from two universities in Texas and one back in Florida. Being that so many doors have closed on me post leaving my pervious position you would think I would run back home to a job and team that I absolutely enjoyed. But I didn’t. 

I considered moving back home because not only was I promised a job, but I would be around people I knew I could lean on in the time of need. Contemplating on making the move my flesh screamed go home! You’ve suffered enough and taking another blow would be fatal.  “What if the other job opportunities fall through what will you do then?”. “Are you sure about this? What if you make a mistake?” Doubt and fear bombarded me to a extent that I couldn’t think, eat or sleep. Sure my leap of faith ruffled my feathers, but I can’t shrink back or cave in now. I’ve come too far to turn around and plus I left home for a lot of reasons. Stretching my faith even further I decided to remove my application and eliminated the option to go back home. It wasn’t easy, but I placed my hope in the Lord and in His might.

Though God had presented the opportunity for me to move to a place of comfort and to also move forward into the unknown I had to look at the bigger picture (that of what I could see as least). When in my place of comfortability I wasn’t required to use my faith as much as I have to now. I had no reason to trust in the Lord because I had much of everyone and everything I needed to help me survive. But I started to think what good is it to only survive? Shooting for survival alone put me in the position of jeopardizing more than losing a job opportunity. I was at risk of losing all the spiritual, mental, and emotional development I had gain along the way. 

I needed to thrive and mature, and faith was-and still is- my golden ticket to do exactly that.

Even though I don’t know what my leap of faith will drag me through in the process of reaching my many destinations I am happy to know that I am in a place where I am being stretched and strengthened due to my leap of faith. Sure adversity and other loses will reoccur, but I am confident that my dive into the unknown will move and strengthen me in ways that comfortability and familiarity could never measure to.

I don’t know your story, but will you jump? Will you take that leap of faith for the sake of your spiritual growth and the other things you desire in life? Or will you continue to live in fear and complacency? Take the leap and everything that comes with it because in it all there’s a stronger you and a great God on the other side.

Something to think about.


One thought on “Faith can make us uncomfortable, but it’s a necessity in order that we may mature…

  1. This is the journey of a woman that God is molding and using to build his kingdom. Your story does not just help those in a similar position, but also those who need to appreciate the blessing that they have. We can lose it all. However, losing earthly things for eternal life is worth It!

    I see you Erin!

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