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Are You Becoming What You’re Asking for in a Partner?

And there he was scribbled in between the lines of my notebook. He was perfect and fitting in every way. Besides remarkably handsome and intelligent, his character and core values were most attention worthy. With my mind made up and a wish list in my hand I took my list to Lord in prayer and instantly I […]

Soul Ties Part 1: Recognition, Deliverance & New Beginnings

Recently I enrolled into Ashley Empowers’s Covenant Coaching program and I can already see the work God is doing in my life so that I may take hold of freedom. As you all may know about a year ago I severed ties from my off again on again boyfriend of 12 years to embark on […]

5 Tips Every Single Woman Should Know During the Wait

Ladies, does this sound familiar to you? “God how much longer? My husband should have been here by now. What are you waiting on?” First of all, I want to congratulate you on seeking God first during this period of waiting. But as we can see¬†awaiting on God’s appointed time, being faithful in prayer,and making […]

Why I Prefer to Wait to Date Part I

A year and three months ago I decided to bench myself from the dating scene to invest in someone in need of TLC (Time Love and Care), and that individual was me. When I concluded my on again off again relationship with my boyfriend of twelve years, and severed ties with my “no strings attached” […]